"People say you’re not in a real relationship until you’ve had your first argument but I call bullshit. I think those people are bitter and only want to pull you down to their level of sadness because misery loves company."

"Do people REALLY know you as well as they think they do?"

I’m smart enough to be considered foolish by fools who think they’re geniuses.

"We know each other in a way that no one else can. We share a history that makes us permanently connected."

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Music should make you think and give you piece of mind at the same damn time.

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So cold.

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Dear drunkness, I like you. Let’s be friends.

I love to write and somehow I never feel like I can write enough. I’m never satisfied..



When a bullet hits a wall

That is astounding. I legitimately watched it about fifteen times before reblogging it.

Holay shit

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